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Recommended Books

For a list of recommended books please visit my Amazon store. These books include fiction and non-fiction stories.

The following is a short list of the 1400+ genealogy books that I have access to and am slowly adding to the family tree I am creating. The books that are bolded are the ones I am currently entering into my database.

Books from the 20th century:

  • Burke's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage, 1967
  • Debrett's Peerage, Baronetage and Knightage, 1970
  • The Scot's Peerage, vol 1-9

Books from the 19th century:

  • The Baronetage of England: Containing a New Genealogical History of the Existing English Baronets, and Baronets of Great Britain, and of the United Kingdom, from the institution of the Order in 1611, to the Last Creation, 1806.
  • The Pocket Peerage of Great Britain and Ireland, 1851.

Books from the 18th century:

  • A Brief History of Spain. Stevens, 1701.
  • The Genealogy of the Most Illustrious House of Brunswick-Lunenburgh. Together with an Account of the Posterity of King James the I, shwoing what Princes are of the Royal Blood of England, 1701.
  • A Genealogical History of the Kings and Queens of England, and Monarchs of Great Britian, from the conquest, Anno 1066 to the year 1707, 1707.
  • The Genealogy and Chronological History of the Illustrious Family of Guelph or Welph, 1716.
  • A Genealogical History of the Noble and Illustrious Family of Courtenay, 1735.
  • An Account of the Genealogy, and Other Memoirs Concerning the Family of Loraine, of Kirkhale-Tower, in the County of Northumberland, 1740.
  • A Synopsis of the Genealogy of the most Ancient and Most Noble Family of the Brigantes or Douglas, 1754.
  • A History of the Whole Realm of Scotland, Civil, Natural, and Ecclesiastical, 1760.
  • An Extract of the History and Genealogy of the Noble Families of the Earl and Countess of Northumberland, 1764.
  • A Chronological Abridgment of the Russiona History, 1767.
  • A Genealogical History of the Present Royal Families of Europe, 1781.
  • The New Peerage, in 3 vols, 1784.
  • The Peerage Directory: Containing the Mottos of the Peers of Great Britain and Ireland, 1791.
  • The History of the Ancient Surname of Buchanan, 1793.
  • An Authentic History and Description of the Castle & Priory of Dudley, 1794.
  • The Genealogy of the Family of Lind, and the Montgomeries of Smithton, 1795.
  • Reflections on the Late Augmentations of the English Peerage, 1798.

Books from the 17th century:

  • A Chronicle of the Kings of England, 1643.
  • His Majesty's Pedigree, 1664.
  • Animadversions upon Sr. Richard Baker's Chronicle, and its continuation wherein many errors are discover'd, and some truths advanced, 1672.
  • A Brief History of the Life of Mary, Queen of Scots (including a full account of her trial and her dealings with Thomas, Duke of Norfolk), 1681.
Title page of Collin's 1710 Peerage of England
Title page of Collin's 1710 Peerage of England.