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Tree: Scofield
Latitude: 40.4172871, Longitude: -82.9071230


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ada  Jul 1872Ohio I9232 Scofield  
2 Belva  Abt 1904Ohio I9517 Scofield  
3 Dorothy B  Abt 1898Ohio I9713 Scofield  
4 Eliza  Abt 1824Ohio I7518 Scofield  
5 Ethel A  Abt 1895Ohio I9518 Scofield  
6 Frederika  Ohio I6075 Scofield  
7 Harriet A.  Abt 1851Ohio I13809 Scofield  
8 Helen G.  Jan 1863Ohio I14679 Scofield  
9 Ila M  May 1879Ohio I10592 Scofield  
10 Jane  Dec 1866Ohio I10583 Scofield  
11 Jeannetta E.  May 1844Ohio I13093 Scofield  
12 Manervie  Abt 1839Ohio I9703 Scofield  
13 Margaret  Abt 1851Ohio I9696 Scofield  
14 Marie H.  Abt 1912Ohio I13815 Scofield  
15 Martha E  Abt 1849Ohio I9698 Scofield  
16 Mary  17 Feb 1840Ohio I9700 Scofield  
17 Mary   I15946 Scofield  
18 Minnie B  13 Mar 1865Ohio I9707 Scofield  
19 Nora L.  Abt 1900Ohio I14491 Scofield  
20 Pansy M  Abt 1899Ohio I9551 Scofield  
21 Ruth A  Abt 1892Ohio I10597 Scofield  
22 Sarah B  Mar 1876Ohio I9334 Scofield  
23 Alcock, Earl T.  Jul 1893Ohio I14556 Scofield  
24 Anthony, Charles H   I9569 Scofield  
25 Anthony, Robert Warren  11 May 1914Ohio I9570 Scofield  
26 Austermiller, Albert  Abt 1896Ohio I6126 Scofield  
27 Austermiller, Berthia  Abt 1899Ohio I6127 Scofield  
28 Austermiller, Conrad  Abt 1853Ohio I6086 Scofield  
29 Austermiller, Frank  Abt 1883Ohio I6122 Scofield  
30 Austermiller, Lelah  Abt 1893Ohio I6125 Scofield  
31 Austermiller, Mary  Abt 1889Ohio I6124 Scofield  
32 Austermiller, Rubin  Abt 1887Ohio I6123 Scofield  
33 Barr, Dudley  1841Ohio I5190 Scofield  
34 Barr, Eveline  1845Ohio I5192 Scofield  
35 Barr, Frances  1843Ohio I5191 Scofield  
36 Bartholmew, Darwin E  1857Ohio I6257 Scofield  
37 Bassett, Charles  1844Ohio I9840 Scofield  
38 Bassett, Mary  1839Ohio I9839 Scofield  
39 Bayard, Chaulana  Abt 1849Ohio I15609 Scofield  
40 Bayard, Pierre  Abt 1855Ohio I15606 Scofield  
41 Bayard, William Mansfield  Jul 1850Ohio I10818 Scofield  
42 Beamer, Alfred  Ohio I8076 Scofield  
43 Beehner, Virginia M   I6046 Scofield  
44 Belding, Alva  Ohio I15419 Scofield  
45 Biddle, Addie E  2 Nov 1866Ohio I9701 Scofield  
46 Biddle, Adella D  Abt 1858Ohio I9688 Scofield  
47 Biddle, Alfred P  Mar 1870Ohio I9691 Scofield  
48 Biddle, Calvin  28 Aug 1830Ohio I9197 Scofield  
49 Biddle, Clark C  Jun 1895Ohio I9709 Scofield  
50 Biddle, Elizabeth J  May 1862Ohio I9689 Scofield  

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Chappuies, Doris M  26 Aug 2006Ohio I5762 Scofield  
2 Scofield, Alva Dean  1871Ohio I2899 Scofield  
3 Scofield, Martha Ann  1836Ohio I5230 Scofield  


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ricard, Orange  9 Mar 1927Ohio I15380 Scofield  


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ayers, Rebecca  Abt 1832Ohio I10898 Scofield  
2 Brumfield, Sherman  1865Ohio I9219 Scofield  
3 Call, Josephine  Abt 1863Ohio I14499 Scofield  
4 Cole, Jessie Lenora  22 Apr 1871Ohio I12660 Scofield  
5 Karrer, Nellie May  Ohio I12666 Scofield  
6 Kinder, Sara Effie  1872Ohio I9216 Scofield  
7 Scofield, Ira Philip  25 Oct 1867Ohio I99 Scofield  
8 Shepherd, Andrew Jackson  Jun 1848Ohio I14471 Scofield  


Matches 1 to 42 of 42

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Nancy  Ohio I3752 Scofield  
2 Brumfield, Denver Garret  19 Nov 1898Ohio I284 Scofield  
3 Bruning, Jane C  1916Ohio I8078 Scofield  
4 Clark, Donald D  Abt 1917Ohio I5837 Scofield  
5 Combs, Pearl M  Abt 1898Ohio I6919 Scofield  
6 DeLand, Bernice S  Jul 1894Ohio I127 Scofield  
7 Fouty, Kenneth W  Abt 1916Ohio I5836 Scofield  
8 Fouty, Stanley J  Abt 1878Ohio I5848 Scofield  
9 Grow, Effie S.  24 Oct 1864Ohio I70 Scofield  
10 Grow, Emma May  19 Mar 1862Ohio I69 Scofield  
11 Grow, Sarah  Ohio I14479 Scofield  
12 Grow, Sarah  Abt 1838Ohio I14479 Scofield  
13 Hardy, Jennie Belle  Abt 1883Ohio I86 Scofield  
14 Harris, Helen  Jun 1838Ohio I14776 Scofield  
15 Heltzer, Clara Carolina  26 May 1862Ohio I9467 Scofield  
16 Leavitt, Luther  Ohio I16194 Scofield  
17 Mandel, Gazella  Abt 1877Ohio I5732 Scofield  
18 Ohler, Frank  Abt 1860Ohio I1352 Scofield  
19 Pasco, Arminda Adaline  Ohio I9337 Scofield  
20 Ricard, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Ohio I15381 Scofield  
21 Ricard, Jacob  Abt 1844Ohio I15378 Scofield  
22 Ricard, Orange  Abt 1848Ohio I15380 Scofield  
23 Ricard, Zina  Abt 1841Ohio I15377 Scofield  
24 Richard, Helen  Ohio I15350 Scofield  
25 Ruth, William H.  Ohio I8069 Scofield  
26 Ruthruff, Burt Townsend  Ohio I7526 Scofield  
27 Scofield, Francis Sophia  4 Jul 1844Ohio I59 Scofield  
28 Scofield, Ira Phillips  Jul 1834Ohio I56 Scofield  
29 Scofield, Jackson Menles  Abt 1824Ohio I53 Scofield  
30 Scofield, Mary Adelia  Abt 1863Ohio I98 Scofield  
31 Scofield, Moscoe Willis  Jul 1881Ohio I215 Scofield  
32 Shepherd, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1832Ohio I94 Scofield  
33 Smith, Mary E  Abt 1883Ohio I5849 Scofield  
34 Snyder, Fern E  20 Sep 1915Ohio I9531 Scofield  
35 Snyder, Henry  Abt 1835Ohio I9186 Scofield  
36 Snyder, Louis Philip  Apr 1861Ohio I15834 Scofield  
37 Southard, Lydia  Jun 1875Ohio I14733 Scofield  
38 Spangler, Isabella  14 Mar 1836Ohio I5999 Scofield  
39 Tallman, Elias Manley  Ohio I10912 Scofield  
40 Thayer, George  Ohio I9288 Scofield  
41 Webb, Leo H.  Abt 1892Ohio I14854 Scofield  
42 Williamson, Thomas J.  Abt 1850Ohio I3273 Scofield  


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved    Person ID   Tree 
1 Scofield, Jacob Smith  1834Ohio I45 Scofield  


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 McElmurry, Eva Alberta  Ohio I12716 Scofield  
2 Ohler, Fred Jacob L  1936Ohio I9468 Scofield  
3 Scofield, Belinda  1829Ohio I2308 Scofield  
4 Webb, George G.  Abt 1893Ohio I14855 Scofield  


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bobb / Dunbar  Abt 1847Ohio F1540 Scofield  
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