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1 "has devoted must time to the study of optics and astronomy, and has originated scientific improvements in the construction of the telescope" (Pocket Peerage of GB & Ireland, pg 273). Parsons, Earl William (I37641)
2 "Memoirs of Miss Hannah Scofield" were published in New Haven, Connecticut by Nathan Whiting Scofield, Hannah (I2102)
3 "she is said to have had four sons and twenty daughters" (Scot's Peerage, Vol 1, pg 299). Family F14033
4 "Subregulus" of Kent Ethelweard (I2643)
5 "Subregulus" of Kent King Ethelbert (I604)
6 "Subregulus" of Kent Edwin (I588)
7 "Subregulus" of Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey in 825 or 828. In 855-6 he confined his authority to Kent, Sussex & Esse King Ethelwulf (I599)
8 "The descendant of Daniel suppose him to have been one of the firstsettlers in the north part of Bedford, when the forest was unbroken.Some stories are still extant of the hardships himself and familyendured; the depredations of the bears, taking their only pig; livingentirely on game, etc. This farm is still occupied by his descendants"(Hoyt Genealogy, pg 342).

Or removed from Stamford because there seemed to be only one Jonas, his first cousin, living there between 1744-1754 
Hait, Daniel (I4891)
9 "The Waterbury Family of America derive from Germany, where thecognomen was 'Wassenberg,' or 'Wessenberg,' identical with Waterbury.They were of Puritan stock in New England, as they doubtless were in theOld Country." John was born in Germanyand was one of the earliestsettlers of Watertown, Massachusetts. (American Family Antiquity, pg.167) Waterbury, John (I4619)
10 "Tried to obtain pension, as a letter addressed to the Comptrollerof the State of Connecticut indicates, but evidently he was not successful in his effort. In this document he states that he was a minorwhen he began his military service in 1781 and possibly, for this reason,his name is not in the records, 'for my father took and turned my wagesto the taxes or rates as was called in those times. My fathers name wasJosiah Scofield the fourth as it was put on the Stamford Record or JosiahScofield of New Field in the statement.' His letter continues:'Furthermore, I have an affidavit from one of my fathers Apprentices thatwas in the service with me by the name of Oliver Stewart, which drew apension. But I thought it was to have the seal of the Comptroller of theState of Connecticut.'" The letter continues, "'If my name is on theRecord I want you should certify it by giving a Certificate and the Sealof your office and if my name is not there and my Fathers name therecertify to that for my father drawed my wages and my father was not inthe Service then, for he had his legg broke but he drawed my wages for Iwas a Minor.'" (Patriots-Soldiers of 1775-1783, Vol 2, p. 565). Scofield, William (I1479)
11 # 136932, 153322 Scofield, Elisha (I2829)
12 # 138118, #153501 Scofield, Silvanus (I2085)
13 # 32038, 35735 Scofield, Gershom (I2841)
14 #134465 Scofield, Abraham (I1088)
15 #139643, #139644, # 139645, # 139648, # 139649 Scofield, Silas Andrew (I1682)
16 #151171 Smith, Ephraim (I2771)
17 #151171 Scofield, Uriah (I1135)
18 #151171, #155863 Scofield, Neazer (I1106)
19 (Catholic) St. August Church, Coburg, February 28th and (Protestant) Chapel, Osterstein Castle, Gera, March 1st, 1908 Family F2072
20 (Medical):According George's World War I draft card he was blind in his right eye (Registration Location: Chippewa County, Wisconsin; Roll 1674589; Draft Board: 0). McElmurry, George Leslie (I10875)
21 (Medical):According to the 1900 census Anna gave birth to 2 children (Year: 1900; Census Place: Adrian Ward 4, Lenawee, Michigan; Roll T623_725; Page: 8A; Enumeration District: 37.) Anna (I12033)
22 (Medical):According to the 1900 Census Clarissa was the mother of 3 children but only 1 was living (Year: 1900; Census Place: Waitsfield, Washington, Vermont; Roll T623_1695; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 226.) Clarissa (I13149)
23 (Medical):According to the 1900 Census Julia was mother to 5 children (Year: 1900; Census Place: Fairfield, Lenawee, Michigan; Roll T623_725; Page: 9A; Enumeration District: 46.) Scofield, Julia C. (I4032)
24 (Medical):According to the 1900 Census Mary was the mother of 5 children but only 4 were living (Year: 1900; Census Place: Waitsfield, Washington, Vermont; Roll T623_1695; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 226.) Stoddard, Mary E. (I13143)
25 (Medical):According to Wilbur's WWI draft card he suffered from a stiff joint and stiff knee (Registration Location: Erie County, Ohio; Roll: 1832194; Draft Board: 0. Wilbur Shephard's draft card).

Wilbur had red hair and gray eyes (Registration Location: Erie County, Ohio; Roll: 1832194; Draft Board: 0. Wilbur Shephard's draft card). 
Shepherd, Wilbur R. (I14504)
26 (Medical):acute peritonitis and appendicitis (Death Records 1897-1920) Cole, Jessie Lenora (I12660)
27 (Medical):Alison had TB so they took all the kids, except Addie because she was married, out west. Turnball, Alison (I276)
28 (Medical):also suffered from chololithiasis (Vermont Death Records, 1909-2008) Templeton, Percy Charles Waller (I19139)
29 (Medical):also suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and vascular dementia Templeton, Virginia Marie (I44808)
30 (Medical):as an infant (New Peerage Vol 1, 1784, pg 119). Brudenell, Elizabeth (I41898)
31 (Medical):as an infant (Pocket Peerage 1851, pg 33). Bateman-Hanbury, Frederick Weatern (I35995)
32 (Medical):As infant (Pocket Peerage 1851, pg 206). Vane-Stewart, Hyacintha (I37211)
33 (Medical):As infant (Scot's Peerage, vol 1, pg 4). Henry (I3818)
34 (Medical):As infant (Scot's Peerage, vol 1, pg 4). Robert (I3817)
35 (Medical):Believed that he went to New York on August 14, caught small pox and came home on September 1 and died three days later Hait, Bates (I4890)
36 (Medical):Both legs gone (World War I Registration Cards, 1917-1918, Registration Location: Shasta County, California; Roll 1544332; Draft Board: 0.) Cusick, Andrew Thomas (I13195)
37 (Medical):Contracted fever in army and died in Union Army. Hait, Reverand Benjamin (I4706)
38 (Medical):Died as a soldier. Hait, Ezra (I4727)
39 (Medical):Died as an infant. Scofield, Hiram D. (I1367)
40 (Medical):died as infant Scofield, Gladys (I435)
41 (Medical):died as infant Scofield, Nancy Marie (I441)
42 (Medical):Died at birth Riley, Unnamed (I10355)
43 (Medical):died in infancy Shimman, Jeffrey Jerome (I113)
44 (Medical):died in infancy DeLand, Leslie D. (I126)
45 (Medical):died in infancy Johnson, Gilbert (I11958)
46 (Medical):died in infancy Holloway, Ione (I12000)
47 (Medical):died in infancy Ferris, Unnamed (I9783)
48 (Medical):died in infancy Ferris, Unnamed (I9830)
49 (Medical):died in infancy Ferris, Unnamed (I9954)
50 (Medical):died in infancy Ferris, Grace (I10053)

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